Univ. of Athens Production Site

Wiring Manual

Alignement procedure


Front view of the wiring table

Side view of the wiring table

View of the RHS crimper (on the right). Two of the tube clamps can be seen on the left

The wire spool (right side). The frictionless cylinder used for the insertion of the wire in the tube can be seen on the left side, at the edge of the tube

Wire insertion in the tube using the vacuum pump

Tool for inserting the stopper (left), tool for crimping the wire on the pin (middle) and tool for crimping the pin on the brass sleeve of end-plug (right)

Wire air insertion device (interior view)

Wire threading in end-plug using the air insertion device

LHS moveable crimper

The micrometer based system, used for determining the finished tube length

View of the automatic wire tensioning system

Tooling for the measurement of the finished tube length

Tooling for measuring the tube end-plug axis angle differenc

Simultaneous movement of tube in station 2 to avoid kinks on the wire