Univ. of Athens Production Site Upgrade

The upgrades performed on the tube wiring line after the production of module 0 are descibed in detail in note MUON-NO-2001-XXX and presented as a photo overview in this page.

Table reinforcement to ensure stability w.r.t. alignment issues Side view and Front view

End-plug preparation: Go/NoGo gauge with micrometer, to ensure end-plugs within tollerances

End-plug preparation: Tooling to crimp the copper pin into the brass sleeve Zoom showing the 3-point geometry

2D adjustable tube clamp base to allow faster and reliable alignment procedure

Holder of wire crimping tool.

Digital Micrometer for automatic finished tube length measurement

Novel Wire tenionmeter In use Close up photo showing the instrument which is described in some detail in note MUON-NO-2001-XXX

The production Team happy after having wired more than 4000 MDTs