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Main Objectives

*        Establish a comprehensive, user-oriented system for the collection, evaluation, storage and dissemination of data and information on the environment and sustainable development.

*        Establish a reporting system in compliance with requirements of environmental agencies and conventions such as the Mediterranean Action Plan and the Barcelona Convention, the European Environmental Agency, the UN Commission for Sustainable Development, etc.

*        Set up the basis for the implementation of National Environmental Observatories in countries where they do not exist or enhance their capabilities in countries where they already exist.

*        Set up a network of all countries participating in the project in order to exchange information and experience, follow common methodologies where applicable and minimize duplication of efforts.


Period Of Implementation And Timetable

Two years, starting November 2000

M1-M3: Mobilization phase and setting up of list of priorities

M4-M12: Implementation of project with various actions (from the list of priorities) undertaken.

M12-M24: Continuation and finalization of actions undertaken